NATUREST™ Eucalyptus Sheet Set


Made from 100% Sustainable LYOCELL FIBER


Discover our eco-friendly bedding, made from 100% premium Lyocell Fiber, crafted from natural Eucalyptus pulp. Compared to high thread cotton bedding available on the market, our product is 70% more moisture-wicking, 10x more eco-friendly, 3x more breathable, and 2x softer.

Our sheets are incredibly skin-friendly and antibacterial and what makes them that way is their high breathability and superb moisture-wicking power. You can wake up feeling fresh and well-rested every night thanks to the Tencel material, which helps your sweat evaporate much faster, perfect if you’re usually a hot sleeper. Not only that, this feature also prevents the growth of bacteria and the development of unpleasant odors on your bedding, keeping your sheets clean for much longer than regular sheets. Our bedding offers you the perfect combo of easy to maintain and wonderful to sleep on.

Fabrics: 100% Eco-Friendly Lyocell Fiber crafted from Eucalyptus pulp

Certification: Oeko Certified, 100% free from chemicals and prepared with non-toxic dyes

Weight: 5.5 Lbs - 6.2 Lbs

What’s Included: 1 Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet, and 2 Pillowcases



First of all, unlike many other types of bedding that are made with toxic solvents and chemicals, there is no need to wash your NATUREST™ sheets before use – unless that is your preference, of course. We mill and manufacture our sheets with no toxins or damaging chemicals, and only use the cleanest, highest quality materials.

We recommend you wash your sheets every 2-3 weeks. Since NATUREST™ sheets are hypoallergenic, they don’t trap or breed bacteria, which means they stay clear for longer and require less frequent washes.

  • Be sure to always wash your NATUREST™ sheets in cold water and on gentle cycle.
  • Use a mild (preferably biodegradable) detergent to avoid damaging or wearing away the fabric.
  • Wash separate from other laundry to avoid getting hooked on to zippers or latches, which can cause pilling.
  • Avoid bleach, because it will wear away at the sheets. Fabric softener is not necessary since our sheets are already super soft!


When possible, let your NATUREST™ sheets dry naturally in order to help preserve the fibers and color. However, if you don’t have the option of naturally line drying your sheets, you can use a dryer – be sure to choose the low heat and low tumble option.

To decrease chances of wrinkles, immediately take the sheets out and make the bed with it. The most optimal strategy is to take your sheets out while they’re still about 25% wet and make your bed with the sheets. This allows them to finish drying on the bed and lessen the look of wrinkles.

If you are looking for an even crisper look, you can use and iron on low temperature.



As an added gift to your order, all NATUREST™ sheets come with a reusable stone-washed tote bag. You can store your sheets in this bag if you prefer!

Please store your sheets in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight.



Flat Sheet  70 x 110 (Inch) | 180 x 280 (cm)
Fitted Sheet39 x 76 + 16 (Inch) | 99 x 193 + 41 (cm)
Pillowcase20 x 28 + 6 (Inch) | 51 x 72 + 15 (cm)



Flat Sheet86 x 110 (Inch) | 220 x 280 (cm)
Fitted Sheet54 x 76 + 16 (Inch) | 137 x 193 + 41 (cm)
20 x 28 + 6 (Inch) | 51 x 72 + 15 (cm)



Flat Sheet 94 x 110 (Inch) | 240 x 280 (cm)
Fitted Sheet60 x 80 + 16 (Inch) | 152 x 203 + 41 (cm)
20 x 28 + 6 (Inch) | 51 x 72 + 15 (cm)



Flat Sheet 106 x 110 (Inch) | 270 x 280 (cm)
Fitted Sheet76 x 80 + 16 (Inch) | 193 x 203 + 41 (cm)
20 x 28 + 6 (Inch) | 51 x 72 + 15 (cm)


If you're unhappy with your purchase, we will find a solution for you! The majority of our products can be returned or exchanged within 365 days, and we'll pay for the return shipping if you're in the US. Returns will be refunded in the original payment method or store credit.


Why Eucalyptus Lyocell?

Eucalyptus Lyocell

Bamboo Rayon



1 Organic Solvent

12 Toxic Chemicals

Numerous toxic chemicals including Formaldehyde in 'non wrinkle' sheets


Closed loop (99.99% reused & recycled)

Bamboo "Cooking" - the chemical process of stripping down bamboos

Breaking down cotton fibers through various chemicals including preservatives, emulsifiers,  stablizers, etc.


Eucalyptus - sustainable plant

Bamboo - sustainable plant

Cotton - water and pesticide intensive planting process


Ultra soft




Least Wrinkle Prone

Most Wrinkle Prone

Less Wrinkle Prone


Very Breathable

Very Breathable

Low (Traps Heat)

Drying Time

3x faster than cotton

2x faster than cotton

Moisture Wicking

70% better than cotton

30% better than cotton

Wear Time (Longevit)

Longest Wear











Suitable for sensitive skin


Hot Sleeper


Cool to the touch