Why do we believe in Eucalyptus Fibers?

Back in 2020, we had a vision of creating a new brand in the textile industry. We asked ourselves what should be the first product, and to decide we looked at the state of the industry. 

We’re the kind of people who really believe in balance, and could see that the popularity of certain fabrics was no good to the planet. If something is so mainstream, then its over-production is bound to become unsustainable. That’s why we instantly steered clear of popular materials like cotton or bamboo.

We didn’t want to become another company that was ready to exploit their demand for a quick profit. We wanted to lead a change.

What’s the alternative?

So, once you remove cotton and bamboo, what’s left? We were obviously drawn to silk, as we instantly enjoyed its softness. Initially, we thought that this could be the solution, and were set on making silk bedding. 

As someone who is a hot sleeper, I was sold on how silk could keep me cool at night, no matter the warm temperature. Plus, it’s so soft! It was easy to see why we chose it at first. However, our plans crumbled once we started looking at its crazy costs. It’s usually between $1000 to $10k, making it inaccessible for many.

While we didn’t want to be another company selling cotton bedding, we also didn’t want to price out most customers. Thankfully, one of our suppliers suggested another option - a type of fiber that is still quite unknown to the US market. Yet in Asia, this type of fiber is renowned as the new generation of eco-friendly fabrics.

Imagine our excitement when we found something that’s just as soft as silk yet affordable, and even great for the environment! This fiber is made of 100% Eucalyptus, and it’s highly sustainable as its production requires few resources and it makes up less than 0.5% of the global market.

From the moment we tried bedding made from this fiber, we quickly fell in love with its crispy softness. It’s just as silky as real silk and yet is 10x more affordable! We had found the solution and couldn’t wait to share this fantastic bedding alternative with others.

Is it really sustainable?

It sounded too good to be true. We wondered how bedding made from Eucalyptus trees could claim to be so sustainable, what makes these trees so different from others?

Turns out that using Eucalyptus trees to produce bedding is actually a good thing - this type of tree grows really quickly and as such, it can cause some terrible forest fires if we don’t limit numbers. Due to this issue, many people before have been cutting down Eucalyptus trees anyway and just chuck them away. What a waste, considering what we know today!

Ready to join us?

Now that we’ve found what really can make a change in the textile industry, we’re here to spread the word. We plan to spend the next 5-7 years inspiring others to make the switch to bedding and other textile products made from Eucalyptus. This can help significantly reduce the stress that production of cotton and bamboo has caused to this planet. 

Eco-friendly Eucalyptus Bedding

Does that mean that we’ll be promoting Eucalyptus bedding forever? It’s important that we don’t overexploit our resources on earth, and if Eucalyptus suddenly makes up 30% of market share, we’ll switch to something else. Our push is towards creating alternatives to the mainstream fibers that generate billions of waste across the world.

That’s not it, NATUREST has also partnered with the 1% for the Planet organization to donate 1% of yearly sale revenues to environmental causes. Ready to help us make a change by switching to Eucalyptus bedding?

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