Life hacks: how to relieve neck pain with a neck roll pillow

We’ve all been there - waking up one day with uncomfortable neck pain that doesn’t seem to go away. Some people suffer from it more often than others, whether it’s because of the position they spend all day sitting in, or because of the way they sleep. Today, we want to share with you a little unknown life hack that could save you from neck pain, and that costs you no extra money.



The right pillow

Finding a truly supportive and comfortable pillow is a lot harder than you might think. How many times have you found yourself playing around with switching between pillows, adding/removing extra pillows and moving around at night trying to find a comfortable position? This isn’t your fault, unfortunately, so many pillows in the market make promises that they can’t maintain.

Not only that, but we have evolved to sleep in a way that’s actually against our natural way of sleeping, which is what often keeps us up at night. Did you even know that we should actually sleep in a cool environment to encourage deep uninterrupted sleep? If you’re curious to learn more about this topic, click here to read our guide to becoming a natural sleeper.

We recently tried a few pillows in the market in an effort to find the perfect one and sadly, it doesn’t seem to exist. Too many pillows offer barely any support to the neck, pushing the head forward and the chin towards the chest, encouraging us to sleep in an uncomfortable position for our necks. That’s what makes us often use two pillows - one to support the head and the other to support the neck. 
correct back sleep posture

However, for this, we need something better than a normal pillow! And it’s something that you already have at home.

Sleep hack: the neck roll pillow

Here’s how I’ve helped relieve mine and my partner’s chronic neck pain: I created a smaller, roll pillow for the neck. To make one, all you need to do is get a towel, piece of cloth or old bedding sheet you don’t normally use. This will fit under your normal pillow to maintain the natural curve of your neck while you sleep, filling the gap that’s usually left between your neck and pillows and which is the cause of so much pain.

Now, don’t let retailers trick you. Many of them sell this kind of pillow for $60, some even for over $120, but not only are they overpriced, they can also be completely useless as they might not be right for your posture. Everyone is different, that’s why it’s best to create your own custom neck rolled pillow, which can be adjusted based on the gap between your pillow and your neck.

How to create your own neck roll pillow

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating your own comfortable neck roll pillow:

Step 1: Get your towels/sheets/pieces of cloth and stack them together, in a way that makes it easier to then roll them together.

Step 2: Roll the towels together to create a substantial rolled pillow of the size you need it to be. To keep it together, use rubber bands or elastic bands to tighten each side.


Step 3: Finally, simply place the finished neck roll pillow under your regular pillow to support your neck. Ensure that it’s tall enough to fill the gap and adjust based on that.

We hope that this simple life hack saves you from more days spent dealing with neck pain, improves your sleep, and also gives new purpose to some old towels, bed sheets or pieces of cloth you have around the house. 

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