Is eucalyptus bedding safe for pets?

If you’re a pet owner, you probably have to consider whether any new purchases or changes in the house you make are pet-friendly. Not only to be sure that they won’t harm them if they end up chewing on the product, but also to avoid buying something that will instantly be ruined by them.

We’re all too familiar with pet hair getting everywhere and stains that are hard to remove - that’s why fabrics as delicate as silk are a bad bet for your bedding unless you’re strict with keeping your pets away from it. So what can you do if you crave the same softness of silk and total safety for your pets in your bedding?

This is where bedding made from eucalyptus fiber comes in and wins big time over other fabrics.

How it’s made

It all starts with eucalyptus trees and a production process where its pieces are ground to a pulp which is then dissolved with a safe solvent named amine oxide. Once liquid, it’s put through spinnerets which is what makes the lyocell fibres that are then spun into yarn and woven to create the soft, absorbent, and breathable fabric we all love. This is what makes the difference to any potentially allergic reaction to eucalyptus, as the actual leaves which could be poisonous to pets are processed in a way that eliminates the toxicity of the original leaves. 

100% Safe for Humans & Pets

As noted above, the production of this type of fabric requires no harmful chemicals. The result is a type of fabric that is naturally hypoallergenic and causes no irritation, avoiding any scents that may be causing allergic reactions (great news for pets & humans with allergies or a particularly sensitive skin!). It’s exactly the natural creation of this type of bedding that makes it so safe for everyone, as all impurities and sensitivities to the eucalyptus are removed during the milling process. Vegans will also be happy to know that this fabric is completely vegan as it doesn’t need to be blended with any other fabrics derived from animals nor does its production cause any harm to them. 

Easy to keep clean

Besides being completely safe to pets, this fabric also stays clean a lot easier than other fabrics in front of any moisture or stains that animals could bring to the table. Its moisture wicking feature prevents bacteria and unpleasant smells, plus the hair of your pets will have a hard time attaching itself all over the bedding, differently from other materials. This means that you can let your dog or cat enjoy the comfort of this type of bedding without worrying about having to clean it more often.

The best part? Eucalyptus bedding is eco-friendly, made in a completely sustainable way and super soft to sleep in. Make the switch from cotton or bamboo to enjoy a worry-free sleeping experience for yourself and your pets.

Plus, since NATUREST has partnered with the 1% for the Planet organization, every sale contributes to our yearly donation to important environmental causes. Let’s make a difference together!

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