How to take care of your bedding so it can last forever

How to take care of your bedding so it can last forever

It’s estimated that we globally produce 92 million tonnes of textile waste every year. How many times have we thrown away some bedding or clothing that was still in good conditions?

Textile Pollution


Sustainable living isn’t just about buying new products that are good for the environment, it’s also about caring for those products to limit the amount of waste we produce. If done the right way, we can keep using the same bedding we’ve enjoyed for the past years for 2 to 3 times longer than usual.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your bedding as good as new:

  • Washing your bedding

  • Washing is what impacts the conditions of your bedding more than anything else. It’s important that you wash your bedding by only using cold or warm water, favoring a gentle cycle and avoiding any bleach. You can usually rely on the care label for specific instructions but generally the wash cycle should fit the soil level of the sheets. Another note for loading the washer - avoid wrapping sheets around the agitator and cramming the washer with tons of bedding all at once as it needs room to get clean.

    Ideally, you should also reduce the amount of detergent you use by half. In terms of frequency of washing, a standard is to wash them once a week. 

  • Drying your bedding

  • If you’re using a dryer, make sure you read the care label to find out the best temperature for your bedding. Temperatures that are too high shrink and wrinkle the fabric, and you should avoid tumble drying if the sheets are already dry. Blankets usually dry better outside and, generally, choosing to hang your bedding outside is better for the environment and your bedding.

    Sustainable Drying Bedding Set

  • Buying your sheets

  • First of all, pick sheets of the right size for your mattress as forcing sheets of the wrong size over a bigger mattress will stretch the fabric over time and damage it. Secondly, watch out for the thread count, as the higher the threads, the stronger and durable the sheets. The weave is also something that will affect the survivability of the sheets after several washes. Sateen weaves tend to be favored for being smooth, but pinpoint weaves are way more durable.
    Sustainable Textile

    When it comes to buying extra in bedding, it’s generally better to stock up on pillowcases and bottom sheets as those will wear out more quickly than the rest.




  • Covering the comforter

    A good tip to give longer life to your comforter is to use duvet covers to reduce the amount of times you need to wash them. This way, you can clean the duvet covers frequently and limit washing your comforter to only a few times a year. When drying your comforter, opt for gentle heat and if possible, complete the drying by hanging it outside. 

    The good news is that going for bedding made from Eucalyptus makes caring for it even easier. That’s because this fabric is ultra-breathable and moisture wicking, so it lets sweat evaporate quickly and prevents both bacteria growth and unpleasant smells. Plus, you can wash this bedding just every 2 to 3 weeks. This switch doesn’t only help you save money as you can enjoy the same sheets for longer, it also helps you save on the cost of detergents and carbon emission. Check out our NATUREST bedding to learn more about the benefits of bedding made from eucalyptus.




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