How to involve loved ones in your zero-waste journey

Have you ever tried to involve a loved one in your sustainability journey? It can be a tough topic to touch on if you’ve never even addressed it before. Many find it easier to either stick on this path alone or to favor getting closer to people who already have the same ideals. However, it’s always good to get more people motivated to make small changes for the good of the planet.

This can be difficult, we know. Your suggestions might make some people uncomfortable and there are always some who feel like making any attempts is pointless (and will make sure to let you know about it). This can be frustrating - after all, you just want your partner, family, and friends to be passionate about nature like you are. It’s easy to end up arguing about this over and over or to feel demotivated about your mission when it appears that you’re the only one who cares about it. From one side you’re trying your best, and on the other, your wife/husband might be struggling to even stop buying plastic bottles. It doesn’t have to be this way.

What to try to get others motivated to join

Just because the people close to you might not care, it doesn’t mean that no one else does. Try to stay positive by meeting other people who share your passion and determination about sustainable living. They will be a source of hope whenever your other friends might get you down on the changes you’ve decided to make. Plus, you don’t have to stay close to anyone who is so negative about something you love.

Be realistic - you will never manage to influence every single person you meet to follow you in this journey, so take this pressure off your shoulders. It’s good to start conversations about the topic and offer advice when prompted, but forcing your decisions on others is bound to backfire.

Here’s a tip: not many will care about the environment but almost everyone will care about money. When explaining your journey to people who have different ideas, try to talk about it from the point of view of how much money they can save by making sustainable choices (for example, LEDs are cheaper to use than incandescent bulbs, and solar panels reduce the cost of electricity).

Most importantly, never sacrifice your wellbeing for the sake of convincing others. Make sure you take time to meditate & exercise and simply enjoy the nature that you’re working on protecting. The people who think like you will be attracted by your passion and the joy you display every time you care for the planet. Plus, if you start to accidentally promote sustainability as a stressful and unhealthy activity, fewer people will be interested in giving it a go.

Finally, remember that not every sustainable activity you do will be fun. Some will require sacrifices while some others will be more enjoyable. The first steps you make alongside your partner, friend, or family should be simple to do - so that they get motivated to keep trying! Here are some activities you can try: 


Sleep better with the right temperature - Not many know that our body actually benefits from sleeping in a cold (not freezing) bedroom. Yes, even in winter! Jacking up the thermostat not only uses more energy and causes harm to the planet, it can also negatively impact our sleep. Learn more about it in this blog on how you and your loved ones can sleep better in a sustainable way.


A vegan day of the week - Introduce your loved ones to some tasty recipes that use no meat or dairy.

Choose the bike over the car - If possible, make the next grocery trip with your other half with bikes instead of the car. It’s an enjoyable activity that is also good for your health.

Make a sustainable gift - Surprise your loved ones with a gift that allows them to easily make a sustainable change in their lives, like a cool grocery bag they can use instead of plastic bags. Then you can also tell them all about how they help the planet.

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