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What can new moms do to balance sustainability with motherhood? Morgan has the answer! This young mom from Austin, Texas, has launched a podcast all about managing her sustainability journey while looking after her two and a half year old child. She is no stranger to the subject, having lived zero waste since her early 20s and having become a proud Vegan and minimalist over the years.

However, what makes this podcast so inspiring is Morgan’s honesty. She doesn’t hide the struggles that balancing this journey with motherhood can bring and she holds herself accountable in every episode. Perfection is not the goal and her podcast focuses on making other moms feel uplifted, and helping them find simple ways to look after this planet while still caring for themselves and their little ones.


After all, the journey to sustainability looks different for everyone. It takes time and sometimes can also require some financial investments, something that not everyone can afford. Young moms are highly aware of what’s happening to our planet, and know that by becoming more sustainable, they are doing their bit to protect the world their children are growing in.

Nevertheless, pregnancy and becoming a new mom are two stages of life that already bring a lot of changes. It’s important to take note of the difficulties that come with taking on this journey when you’re with a child so that you can then move onto finding solutions. The good thing to remember is that you’re not alone in this and that you don’t have to figure it all out by yourself. Morgan’s podcast acts as an outlet to parents everywhere who wish to be more sustainable without forgetting about their family. She explains how raising a child without producing the amount of waste that’s often recommended by the media is possible.

Most importantly, it’s about finding ways within your means to make changes. You don’t have to be a rich mom or to have endless hours to do your bit, and that’s at the heart of being a sustainable parent. The priority is to keep working on this sustainability journey so that you can then inspire your kids to do the same. Teaching them the importance of sustainability and raising them to love nature and to care for it are the most important steps you can do to positively impact this world.

One of the main changes that we can all try, new parents and not, is improving the way we sleep. From discovering what is the best temperature that helps our body sleep comfortably (and saves energy use) to a few things we can attempt to avoid letting our daily stress get in the way. We’ve written all about it in this blog, we recommend you check it out for the good of your wellbeing and the planet.

What can you expect from the podcast?

Morgan’s podcast focuses on sharing her experiences and helping other parents find ways to balance parenthood with sustainability. This is done without hiding any of the struggles and challenges posed by this journey, so that listeners are never left in the dark. Here are some highlights from her podcast:

How can you have a sustainable pregnancy and birth? 

In episode 23, she shares her experience and what she recommends in terms of sustainability and pregnancy. She speaks about her birth with complete honesty and also bluntly reminds new moms that they don’t need to buy every baby product that is being marketed to them.

How can you look after yourself while being sustainable? 

Self-care is the topic of discussion in episode 16, where Morgan explores how a mother can be the best version of herself while also looking after the planet. She touches on the importance of caring for yourself and shares tips on how she manages to stay healthy and happy while still being sustainable and parenting.

Zero waste and motherhood: how can they work together? 

Episode 17 has an enlightening conversation between two sustainable moms on their journeys to zero waste and how they are educating their children on the topic.

We have found Morgan’s sustainable journey really inspiring and touching, it’s not easy to be so honest about your sustainability journey with others. You can give it a listen yourself here:, we hope that you’ll learn something new and feel inspired to keep working on your own journey to zero waste. Sustainability and motherhood can definitely go together and we’re glad that Morgan is sharing her story to raise awareness about the subject!

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