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A message from the founder

Eco-conscious people are lovely, kind, and altruistic.

However, this means that they often forget to take care of themselves as they’re too busy caring for others.

Modern society offers us a way of living that is full of convenience, but at the cost of sleeping with toxic chemicals in everything we use, uncomfortably hot temperatures, lighting that never goes off, air pollution… and much more.

Our sleep quality has deteriorated without a warning due to all of these environmental changes!

But not all hope is lost. We can be healthy and sustainable at the same time, that’s what we mean when we talk about the concept of sleeping better for the planet. 

That’s why my husband and I founded NATUREST, with the goal of giving eco-conscious people a green alternative to enjoy a cozy sleeping experience every night, without guilt or distractions.  

By sleeping in the natural way that mother nature intended, we do something good for both our body and nature.

We’re passionate about inspiring eco-conscious people, nature lovers, and minimalists to reconnect with nature via sleep. We want to help you learn how to best prepare for sleep and how you can wake up every day feeling full of energy, and ready to live happily and sustainably.

Grace Wang

Nature Lover & Minimalism Enthusiast on an Imperfect Sustainable Journey

Better Sleep, Better Planet


It’s time to take charge of your health, your comfort in bed, and the sustainability of the planet we live on.

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